Wishful Shrinking

Welcome to my weight loss progress page! I’m not going to promise daily updates on how I’m doing and what I’m eating but this will keep track of some of the results! 

What I’m Doing!

Plant Based Diet!
Girls on the Run!

Weight Loss Goal:  64 lbs

Current Progress: -9.4 lbs

Milestones and Rewards!!

Lose 10% of Body Weight (19 lbs)
Reward: Artisan Jacket
Progress: 50%

Be able to run for 15 minutes
Reward: New Tennis Shoes!
Progress: 17%

 Lose 20% of Body Weight (39 lbs)
Reward: Lularoe leggings!
Progress: 24%

Reach Healthy BMI (53 lbs)
Reward: Swim Suits!
Progress: 18%

 Hit my Goal Weight and Maintain for a month
Reward: Tattoo!
Progress: 16%
Date Hit: