28 By 28

Goals to Reach by January 18, 2018

I have chosen 28 goals to hit by my 28th birthday! They are in no particular order! Some goals are even smaller goals that will help me to meet a larger goal on the list and some are just purely for fun!

Some are even just bucket list items that I know will be happening this year!    
*cough* Number 13 *cough*

1. Read 36 books- 12 must be nonfiction (1/36 /12)
2. Hit and maintain goal weight
3. Complete two 5Ks (1/2)
4. Be at same organization two birthdays in a row
5. Do a full purge of things I don’t need
6. Create and follow a budget for at least 3 separate months (1/3)
7. Open and grow savings account
8. Pay off credit cards then pay balance every month – 0%
9. Volunteer at least once per season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
10. Give blood
11. Leave a 100% tip
12. See Hamilton
13. Get Married
14. Take a real vacation
15. Get my second tattoo
16. Be in at least two theatrical shows (1/2)
17. Do an open mic night
18. Ride some roller coasters
19. See at least two touring Broadway shows (2/2)
20. Blog about a different random topic every month
21. Try 6 completely new things and blog about experiences (0/6)
22. Maintain 4.0 grade average
23. Be able to wear a non-skirt swim bottom
24. Give up pop (except for occasional treats)
25. Implement cleaning plan to keep apartment neat
26. Eliminate caffeine
27. Keep a monthly motivational quote posted around me
28. Start writing regularly

Now that I have my goal list to work on part of that will be doing regular check-ins on the blog to keep me accountable for actually reaching for my goals!
Here’s to an exciting year!