Hey there!

I’m Chrissy and this is my piece of the Internet. I’m not great about posting consistently but it’s fun to have somewhere to share my feels/experiences!

Currently I’m 27 and working as an Office Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association. I absolutely love my job and it gives me the schedule and freedom to do other things I love! Like get my Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and plan my August 2017 wedding!

Current Obssessions:
HAMILTON and anything Lin Manuel Miranda does, Outlander (Books and Show), The Wizard of Oz and its many variations, Adult Beginner BalletDelta Zeta (Four years out of college and I still can’t stop buying Pink and Green), Grocery Store Sushi, Chips and Salsa, Anything Amy Poehler and/or Tina Fey are involved with, Boyfriends Fiancés that can cook (otherwise I’d survive on Ramen and Easy Mac), and binge watching Friends, The Office, Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Parks and Recreation and more!

Current Annoyances:
Being called Christine (lifelong pet peeve), Living alone (even if it is temporary), Customers that don’t read coupon exclusions (still annoys me even though I don’t work in retail anymore), Boyfriends Fiancés that leave the remote directly beside the TV, and people who park in places that are not parking spots!

Welcome to my adventures as a twenty-something, where the quarter life crises never end!