Year 27

When I chose 27 goals to attempt before I hit my 27th birthday, I knew I would likely not make them all. Here’s a list of the ones I did:

1. Take two online courses (2/2)
2. Quit at least one bad habit (1/1)
5. Complete two 5Ks (2/2)
6. Move up to the Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Ballet classes
13. Pay my Dad back for times I’ve skimped on my car payment 
14. Volunteer at least once per season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
17. Visit Rachel, Amy Marie and Kaitlynne
23. Shoot a gun
25. See at least two touring Broadway shows (2/2)

While this isn’t a very long list I’m not super disappointed with how this last year went. Here’s a list of things that happened that weren’t on my goals list but were pretty cool:

Started Grad School
Got A’s in my first two classes
Got Engaged and started wedding planning
Got a job in my actual chosen career field
No birthday meltdowns (2nd year in a row!!)

So now it’s time to set goals for year 28! I’m going to be leaving most of the goals that I didn’t quite make from last year as well as adding in a few more! 

Check out my new goals here!

Happy New Year!!


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