Trying New Things- July Edition

Welcome to the July edition of Trying New Things! I hope you enjoy reading about some of my new experiences from July!!

21 Day Fix/ Meal Planning

So the operative word here is “try” because so far I have been mostly unsuccessful on the meal planning side. Same with the 21 Day Fix! I have been monitoring my calorie deficit sometimes instead of the 21 Day Fix because some of my standard low-cal staples don’t really have 21 Day Fix equivalents. I also keep cheating so it hasn’t really been a super successful weight loss month! I’m thinking of trying a different rewards system where instead of getting a reward for hitting the end goal, each day would add up to earning the earning the reward! I’m still working out the details but look for it in the August edition!

Shooting a gun

I finally tried shooting a gun for the first time. My uncle and cousin took me and my brother to the shooting range over Independence Day weekend! I’ll be totally honest, I did not care for the experience. It was way too loud (even with ear protection) and I jumped every single time someone fired. When it was my turn to shoot I was really nervous. Every time I shot I jumped and the kick of the gun hurt my hands. My cousin swears that I would prefer a different kind of gun and maybe at some point I will try again but I did not love my first try at shooting a gun!


Not the most flattering angle! Never let an 18 year old boy do your photography work!

Pokémon Go

Yes I got sucked into this highly addictive game. Before now I had little to no interest or knowledge about Pokémon other than things I remembered from making my brother give me his triples. (He refused to give me cards unless he already had two of it!) So when the Boyfriend got into it I of course mocked him for a while and then in a moment of boredom, downloaded the app. It’s actually been pretty fun! The crazy thing is how much of a phenomenon Pokémon Go has been. For instance we were in a park after 1 am on a Saturday night and there were about a hundred other people in the park too! It felt kinda like a party!


Saturday in the park!


Wizard World Comic Con/Cosplay

Speaking of Pokémon, I went to the Wizard World Comic Con and Cosplayed Misty! Misty is a character from the Pokémon show! I also reffered to my costume as “Hispanic Misty” because Misty is supposed to be pale, green eyed and red-haired! And that is everything I know about her but I had all the pieces of her outfit and my Princess Leia costume got packed away with white wine down the front so it was a good back up costume! Another new thing I tried within the cosplay was having midriff showing! So there we go! Two for the price of one!



What new things did you try last month? Any suggestions for things that I should try in the future?



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