Never Say Never

When I graduated with my undergrad I swore that I was “Done with school forever!” In the years since, I had toyed with the idea of grad school but kept backing away from it because it just didn’t feel quite right. Also, because I have never been a good student and I wasn’t ready for the level of commitment that a Master’s would take.

Fast forward to about a month ago when I was writing a blog post about dreams, both abandoned and future! (Click here if you want to read that one!) As I was writing, I realized that I wanted to go to grad school for real. Honestly, the idea had kind of been at the back of my mind but it manifested itself as a real desire while writing that post.

So I started searching for non profit management programs that I could do completely online because I do not want/can’t afford to quit my full time day job. I also searched for affordable ones because my undergrad was not cheap and I will be paying it off for years to come! On a list of cheapest non profit management programs I found one through Grace College. Grace College is a small Christian college in Indiana. It kind of feels like coming full circle because I started my undergrad at a similar small Christian school. It’s a fairly inexpensive program and the application process was very simple to get through which was super helpful. Seriously the application process had been a hindrance to me applying to grad school twice before.

Finally yesterday (about two weeks after my application was complete) I received this email!


So there you have it! In a little over a month I start a new adventure in learning not only about non profit management but also about being a good student (for once in my life)! I’m super excited, a little scared and have already done some school supply shopping (something I have truly missed the last four years)!!

What are some helpful tips for starting grad school? Who else is starting a new adventure?



2 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. Lisa K says:

    That’s so cool that a blog post about goals inspired you to take the leap and start grad school! It sounds like you found the perfect program for your needs. Best of luck to you!


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