Trying New Things

Welcome to my new monthly post about the new things I’m trying!! I have a goal of trying six new things and blogging about them but really why stop at six?

So here are a few new things I’ve tried in the last couple months!

Cavern Zip Lining

For the Boyfriend’s birthday weekend we went to Louisville, KY with his family to go underground zip lining!! Now this is not the first time I have been zip lining, but it is the first time I have gone underground! It also turns out that the last time I went zip lining (through a rain forest while I was studying abroad in Costa Rica) was five years before TO THE DAY!


Left:Costa Rica, 2011 Right: Louisville, KY, 2016

The guides were fantastic and the style of zip lining was so much better than Costa Rica! In Costa Rica we were given gloves and had to slow ourselves down by pressing on the cable above us.It was scary! In Kentucky the guides are there to slow you down and all you have to do is hang on! While the style and guides were better in the cavern, I must say I preferred zip lining through the trees!  I’m not the biggest fan of heights and combining it with a cold mostly dark cavern did not help! Overall though it was super fun! If you get the chance to visit the Louisville Mega Cavern DO IT!!!


Couldn’t seem to get one of us both smiling at the same time!

Golf Tournament

The Memorial Golf Tournament is held every year in Dublin, Ohio. Because my work does a hospitality house at the tournament, I was able to get some tickets for the tournament practice rounds. I had never watched live golf before! I’m not sure I’ve even ever been to a golf course! Since I had the tickets and the Boyfriend had to work, I invited my dad so it could be a sort of early father’s day present. It was definitely cool to watch and unlike any other professional sporting event I’ve been to! Also, I wore a super sweet visor and a polo shirt so I totally looked like someone who knew how to watch golf!



My super sweet visor and my dad actually paying attention to the golf!

Grad School Application

That’s right, I applied to grad school. Right after college I thought about doing grad school and I completed about half of the application process before I decided it wasn’t something I wanted to do (I did this two years in a row). But this time I finished the whole application process! So now I’m waiting to hear back about official acceptance! I did get an email from the director of the program that totally sounded like I’m accepted but he didn’t say “hey you’re accepted” so I’m still waiting for something a little more official!

Junior Committee

I found my summer volunteer option! Actually I found my permanent volunteer option! I found the Junior Committee through the Central Ohio chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association! I think I’ll do a full post later about my connection to Alzheimer’s disease but for now joining the Junior Committee, a group for young professionals that are working towards an end to Alzheimer’s, is one of the new things I’m trying and loving! The people are great and the events are super fun ways to raise awareness and funds for a fantastic cause! Also, there’s the opportunity to volunteer directly with people who are struggling with this terrible disease.


What are some new things you’re trying or some things you’d like to try?


2 thoughts on “Trying New Things

  1. Lisa K says:

    I never knew you could go zip lining in a cave! I’ve never been zip lining because I always wanted to save it and go in Costa Rica since it’s pretty famous there.
    How’s volunteering going?


    • quarterlifechrissy says:

      It’s super fun to have both the treetop and cave experiences! They were so different! Volunteering has been fantastic! The Junior Committee is full of some fantastic and fun people who really care about ending Alzheimer’s! It’s been so so rewarding so far!!


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