Goal Update January-May

In case you haven’t noticed, I have A LOT of goals that I’m working for this year. Not only do I have the 27 to reach before I turn 27 but I have a handful of more immediate health and fitness goals to achieve. Yes, some of my goals feed into each other but there’s still a bunch of them so here’s a little update on some that I’ve been focused on lately!

Complete GOTR 5K in under 40 minutes
Reward: New Workout Outfit!
Result: 59:28

As you can see I didn’t quite make this fitness goal! The race was super crowded along some narrow trails and had a very non-competitive atmosphere. This made it really hard to get around the groups of walkers to run. I spent a large portion of the race walking! So I won’t be getting my new workout outfit (right now) but even though I didn’t make this particular goal, it still got me halfway to my 27 by 27 goal (#5) of completing two 5Ks this year!! AND since I volunteered as a Girls on the Run coach for the whole season it also covered my Spring season volunteering for goal # 14!

Another 27 by 27 goal that I’m close to is:

#25. See at least two touring Broadway shows (1/2)

The Boyfriend and I saw Book of Mormon in April and I already bought tickets to Wicked for August! This goal is pretty much wrapped up!

Goal #21 is also underway!

21. Be in at least two theatrical shows (1/2)

Rehearsals have started for the ballet version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! The show may not actually be until November but I’m counting this goal as half done!


Since June is less than a week away I’ll share the goals that are going to take a primary focus in the month of June!!

10. Create and follow a budget for at least 3 separate months (0/3)

May has been an expensive month! With Mother’s day, my mom’s birthday, two of my best friends birthdays, and last but certainly not least the Boyfriend’s birthday! Add in a BBQ festival in Owensboro, KY and you’ve got a pricey month! For June I’m creating a budget and STICKING TO IT!

1. Take two online courses (0/2)

If you haven’t heard of Coursera, it’s a way to take online college courses for free! Obviously you don’t get actual college credits to work towards degrees (you can pay for classes that will earn you certificates and/or specializations) but you can learn about cool topics for free! So whether its pure pleasure learning (I’m signed up for a class called “Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender” starting in June) or adding a skill set that will give you an edge professionally, there are TONS of courses to choose from!

14. Volunteer at least once per season (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall)

In June I want to at least decide what my Summer volunteering will be! There are sooo many options in my city so I want to at least narrow it down this month! Suggestions are welcome!

So there’s a little recap on the goals I’ve been and will be focusing on! What goals are you working towards next month?


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