That Ballerina Life

Like many little girls, I wanted to be a ballerina when I grew up. My childhood bedroom was decorated in ballerinas and even when I grew out of having them on the walls, I couldn’t get rid of the ballerina decorations. (Pretty sure they’re still in a bag at my mom’s house right now!) The love of ballet and the idea of being a ballerina has always been part of me.

Never mind the fact that I quit ballet at 6 because the teacher was “mean.” (She was probably just strict and I was overly sensitive!)

Never mind the fact that by the time I tried ballet again at 12, I didn’t like any form of exercise and was too lazy to try hard enough to learn the steps. (I wanted it to just come naturally.)

Never mind the fact that choreography is something that comes very difficult to me, no matter the style.

Never mind the fact that I did not grow up into a graceful person. (I have fallen countless times including into an orchestra pit… and no one was surprised.)

Regardless of all of those facts that would keep me from being a ballerina I am finally living that dream! Kinda… Obviously I am still never going to be a professional dancer. That’s just not happening. I won’t be quitting my day job. BUT I am taking Adult Beginner Ballet classes and I LOVE IT! I take classes 2-3 days a week and I wish I could take them everyday!


Not only am I in ballet classes, the studio that I take classes at has a ballet company that is OPEN TO ALL SKILL LEVELS! Now I would have probably said I needed to wait until I had improved my skills a bit before I attempt to perform. HOWEVER. The Ballet that the company is doing is none other than “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ” and most exciting of all is that it is based on the BOOK AND NOT THE MOVIE!!!! (As many of you know, the book is by far my favorite version! I may do a Wizard of Oz spin off/version ranking sometime!)

Shockingly enough this will be the first production of the Wizard of Oz that I will perform in! I always pictured my self playing Dorothy or one of the witches. Instead I am playing a Munchkin and a Yellow Winkie and I couldn’t be happier! Now I can say I’m from Oz right?

What did you want to be as a kid? Are there any hobbies you’ve picked back up (or would like to) as an adult?

Now you’ll have to excuse me, it’s time for ballet class!


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