Same Title, Different Blog

This is my new blog. Yes, it looks A LOT like my old blog. It even has the same name and similar description. The about me, goals and weight loss pages are pretty much the same too. Even the content will pretty much be the same type of content. Sometimes I will probably take the same topic I used on the old blog and update it for the new blog.

Ok, Ok so this is still the same blog. BUT I am approaching it a bit differently this time around.

For one, I’m going to stop apologizing for when I don’t post much. Last time I checked, this is MY blog. Plus, it’s not like anyone was clamoring for my opinions. This is just my space to share what I think and how I feel about stuff that is relevant to me. So I’m done feeling guilty for not posting. It is what it is.

Secondly, to help with the first thing I’m scheduling “office hours” to keep myself organized. Not just with the blog, but with life. My schedule has filled up and I just need some me time to organize for the week ahead! I may even find coffee shops, book stores and libraries to get myself out of the apartment and get focused. (Somehow I always focus better in places like that!)

Third, I paid for a domain name. I have now officially put money into this blog. For some reason spending money on something motivates me. Every blog post I write makes all the rest “cost less” and more economical. Granted I did not spend a large amount of money, but still, it’s the principle.

Finally, I’m going to stop worrying so much about whether my content has big thought provoking ideas or is going to inspire others. I’m going to write about life and my interests and then see what happens. I started this blog as a creative outlet for my over-active brain, not to change lives.

So welcome to the “new” blog! Hope you like it!


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